Why Us?

  • We are not a corporate franchise—the actual owner of the facility is on-site daily and personally oversees operations.
  • We know dogs! We are owned and operated by Anne Barlow, who has 35+ years of experience training, breeding, and showing dogs.
  • Anne lives on the property.
  • We have a monitored fire alarm system and our electrician inspects the facility on a quarterly basis.
  • We are a small facility, and because of that, all dogs and cats receive personal care tailored to their needs.
  • Un-neutered and un-spayed dogs are welcome! We understand that you may be showing your dogs or have a breeding program that is important to you. We are flexible and can meet your dogs' exercise needs while here.
  • Our facility was built to be what it is, and because of that, we are able to provide an ultra-clean, safe place for your pets' stay.